Baby Bums - Diaper Cream

Baby Bums - Diaper Cream

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Mommas - We know you got enough to worry about - so when it comes to rashy, red and itchy bums - we got you covered. Our gentle blend of skin soothing ingredients and the moisture barrier qualities of zinc oxide make this one of the easiest decision you will make in a day.

This little super salve can be used not only for baby's diaper rash but also teething rash on the face or any other skin irritation!

It contains NO essential oils..... making it save to slather on newborns!

It contains zinc oxide which provides a protective layer preventing "diaper moisture" from sitting on the skin and bentonite clay helps to pull and absorb extra moisture as well. Then we put nourishing shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and vitamin E to get that irritation cleared right up